Volume VIII • Contributor Bios

Cappuccino by John Tuttle

Tiffany Bunn is a high school student with an aptitude for mathematics and science and a passion for art and literature. She is working towards a future in aerospace engineering while pursuing her hobbies of writing poetry, going on adventures, and learning new skills.

Kiyani Carter, teen guest editor, is a fourteen-year-old writer living in California, originally from Colorado. She’s had way too much experience in traveling, having lived in France for two years, but doesn’t plan on stopping, either. Now she spends her days at home sleeping, procrastinating, or being productive in an area that definitely doesn’t require productivity, daydreaming of her future.

Alex Charney is fifteen and almost a sophomore. He likes to write really dark and sad plays with almost happy endings. He likes writing characters in difficult situations to see if they evolve or die. Overall, he considers himself an optimist with a few drops of realism. Someday, he hopes to be a professional playwright.

Evan Dolan is fifteen years old and a freshman at JCS. He has been writing short stories for as long as he can remember. Writing is something that makes him happy, simple as that. He likes to create new and exciting worlds to explore.

Nelson Espinal is a senior reporter for the Eye of the Tiger newspaper. He is going to to purse a career in journalism after high school. He has written countless articles during my stint this year. His work published here is what he is most proud of as it speaks to social and political issues that are affecting people’s everyday lives.

Julianne Ferguson is from a small town in California called Beaumont and a soon-to-be high school freshman. She enjoys literature and drawing. She started drawing in fourth grade. She hopes her drawing will catch your attention. She plans to work hard and be eligible to apply to an art school.

Jessica Emily Flores, teen guest editor, is a 16-year-old junior currently attending Chaffey High School. She enjoys reading fiction and will often be found drawing in her sketchbook.

Skylir Ford is an honor student at Etiwanda High School and has lived in the Inland Empire her entire life. Much of her free time goes to volunteering and reading, as well as painting and spending time with her family. She lives in Rancho Cucamonga with her family and all of her plants.

Hailey A. French is currently a sophomore at Paloma Valley High School with an affinity for the arts. Ever since she was little, she knew she wanted to work in creative writing, and is currently attending school to become an English teacher.

David Gonzalez lives in Rialto, CA. He’s seventeen years old and currently a junior at Carter High School. He started to like English in 6th grade because one of his teachers said he wrote really good essays for his academic level. The reason for his poem was that he wanted to express his opinion to other people about current problems in the world.

Esrie Grant is a features editor for the Eye Of The Tiger Newspaper at Chaffey High School.

Gabriella Guerrieri is a teen guest editor.

Charity Griffin is currently a high school sophomore in Victorville, California. She enjoys writing and theatre and spends most of her time thinking up new stories.

Mimi Hopper is a seventeen-year-old high school senior who spends the majority of their spare time writing poetry. Writing has been a passion of theirs as early as they can remember. Their first story was a spin off of Cinderella for a second grade English assignment. The teacher was very impressed that they had been able to spell Cinderella correctly. From that moment on, Mimi knew that writing was their passion. Mimi plans to major in Creative Writing at San Francisco State University after high school.

William Hou is currently a first year student at UC Berkeley. He’s lived in Ontario for the past five years and graduated from Chaffey High School. A big shout out to the tigers. In his free time, he loves to bike around to find a local cafe and seat down to read a book, a magazine, or a manga. He’s also a fan of food and music, so he definitely misses the gatherings and all the fun times he had with friends back in SoCal. He hopes y’all enjoy reading his piece, and he hopes to write more to inspire people or just for fun.

Damon Kelley is a teen guest editor.

Louise Kim is a teen guest editor.

Ava London attends Claremont High School as a freshmen. Besides school, her hobbies include dancing and reading. She’s a competitive dancer and most of her time is spent training at a studio. Reading has been an escape for her since she was little, and the joy it brings her is unlike any other. She uses reading as a way to cope with life’s stresses as well as to help her cut down on screen time before bed. Her book review was inspired by her love of reading, and she hopes it inspires you as well.

Tatianna Lopez is a fourteen-year-old freshman at Etiwanda High School. She plays oboe in the concert band and clarinet in the marching band. She is also a member of the book club. She started to write in the sixth grade when her English and history teacher gave her a short story assignment. I liked writing the short story and continued to write little bits during her spare time. She never considered writing seriously until 8th grade when she came up with her first novel idea. While she doesn’t have as much time as she used to, she still writes, even if it’s only three sentences.

Luz Mañunga is sixteen years old. Reading and writing has been in her life for as long as she can remember. It has shaped her into the person she is today. It’s the way she experiences the world, and the way she becomes more like herself. In her poem, she talks about my grandmother’s death. Family is an important part of her life, and her passing impacted not only Luz, but everyone that loved her.

Stephanie Martinez-Beltran, teen guest editor, is currently a junior attending Chaffey High School in Ontario, CA. She loves reading (fiction and science-fiction) and writing (specifically poetry). She hopes to someday write her own book and pursue a career in microbiology. She started writing poetry a year ago, and it has been one of the best experiences of her life. These poems were inspired by fictional characters that have been through rough times in their lives, yet know that it is not the end for them. Their stories will live on.

Aubrey Medina Gaines, teen guest editor, is currently a high school freshman. She comes from a big family. Her work isn’t based on any real events or feelings, but results from letting her imagination take her places. Though the story may seem a bit twisted, it has been one of the funnest writings she’s done, and she sincerely hopes you like it.

Reina Morse is a junior at Paloma Valley High School. She has been writing since she was nine years old because she has always found it as an outlet and coping system. Eventually, it became a hobby and now she writes almost every day. She hopes you enjoy Heartbreak Ridge as it came straight from her heart.

Carissa Myung, a seventeen-year-old Korean Indonesian born and raised in California, grew up in a family of runners where fingers double-knotted tennis shoes. While on the track and trails, she drowned in the conflagration that was her imagination. In response, Myung picked up the pen and wrote “The Language of Blood” as her answer. The submitted poems find themselves as one of the many compositions Myung crafted when the pounding of her shoes could not anchor her emotions, bleeding words instead of blisters.

Alexa Naparstek is a writer, aspiring photographer, and musician who majors in Creative Writing at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Jacksonville, FL. She is currently a high school sophomore and takes pleasure in learning philosophical ideology, history, government, and attempts to implement these concepts throughout her pieces. Previously, her writing has appeared in Élan, an international student literary magazine, and she has received a gold and silver key from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

Garrett O’Leary wrote his essay in his English IV class at Los Osos High School. He did his best to describe how individuals with multiracial traits feel invisible with their identity.

Kellin Olsen is fifteen years old and attends Claremont High School. He is openly gay and strives for more LGBT representation in the media. In his spare time he performs with a local community theatre and writes whenever the inspiration strikes him. He’s currently working on a full-length novel.

Joseph Salvinski is a freshman at Claremont High School in Claremont, CA. This is the first fictional story he has written. Major themes are obsession and consequences.

Daisy Sisneros, sixteen, has worked for Chaffey High School’s Eye of The Tiger newspaper for over three years. For six years, she has been seriously writing and dedicated to the craft of it. It has become her passion and greatest skill. In 2016, she attended Chaffey High School’s Rodgers and Hammerstein’s version of Cinderella and was able to experience behind the scenes action of the entire play, practice, and after the show. This experience ultimately changed her perspective on the theater group’s hard work and dedication in a high school show.

Ashley Taylor is a 17 year old senior at Los Osos High School in Rancho Cucamonga. Her works include the nonfiction essay entitled “Ferguson” which recounts the weeks after the 2014 killing of Michael Brown, when Taylor used to live in Missouri. Her works also include modern poetry mostly focused on love–of others and of oneself. All of her works are inspired by the things she has gone through in becoming the young woman she is today.Although Ashley Taylor just writes as a hobby she hopes to share the unique viewpoint of life that she gets as a young African American woman.

Connor Tillman is a fledgling writer who has lived in the Temecula/Murrieta area for as long as he can remember. He discovered the joy of writing when he was eleven, and it has been his greatest passion ever since. The story “The Fabled Gems,” is a fantasy fiction laced with an intricate magic system. He hopes you enjoy reading it as much as he enjoyed writing it.

Michael Triay is the Arts and Entertainment Editor of the Chaffey Newspaper known as Eye of the Tiger. He often write reviews for T.V shows and film. Some of his most prized are published here.

John Tuttle, teen guest editor, is a Catholic man of eighteen who has already begun to pursue his creative dreams. His photography has been published by Blue Marble Review, The Manhattanville Review, and formercactus. His writing, both creative and journalistic, has appeared on Lit Up, The Good Men Project, Submittable Blog, and Primordial Magazine. John also won first place in the youth film category of the 2017 SkeenaWild Film Festival. He has done volunteer literary editing in the past. He loves everything about the media and the arts. He can be reached at jptuttleb9@gmail.com.

Anna VanSeveren is a freshman studying English Creative Writing at St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wisconsin. She enjoys folk music and reading Inception fan theories on Reddit.

Audrey Vazzana is a freshman at Temecula Valley High School. She enjoys writing, literature and science. In her spare time, she loves playing the cello with the high school orchestra. After her family was devastated by the significance of Alzheimer’s, she felt compelled to share the story of her great-grandmother and educate others about this horrific disease.

Nicholas Villegas was born to a dominantly Hispanic family. He has strong views on the world, political systems, and life in general.

RenHao Xie, 16, lives in California. Two years ago he moved here from China. His hands picked up a pen when he was around five. He’s been passionate with art ever since. Now he’s made it here, without ever taking an art class.