Mike Cluff

Melissa Bentley

Never wore Mary Janes
or Doc Martens
did not have a tv
to her name
was near average
everyday of her quiet life.

Took the bus from Home Gardens
to Lake Elsinore every Wednesday
to feed the ducks
with stale fritos and pita
from the tables
she hardly had ever eaten
from or cleaned in glee
and dreamed of
little kittens and squabs.

Decided one Labor Day
to do nothing
except exist
waiting until the stars
finally sung for her
alone in and near harmony.

Mike Cluff was a fulltime English and Creative Writing instructor at Norco College. He lived steadily in the Highland and Redlands area since 1998. His eighth book of poetry Casino Evil was published in June 2009 by Petroglyph Books. Mike passed away last year.