Rowena Silver


That record winter
bitch-punched me
across Manitoba
froze me to totem
spun me downward
in a wake of wails

Now expatriate
no more crocus promises
no birch, fir, hint of evergreen
no promise of fecundity
Here, beside an empty river
bank, all folklore renews
            Time to decipher
graffiti, sweating highways
palms, malls, stone gardens
Lovely, (as the say of the plain)
In her own way
hospitable, impulsive, naked,
flinging orange blossoms
white as snowflakes
Often kind, and
oh, so very warm

“Defrosting” also forthcoming in the Autumn 2015 issue of Chiron Review.


Rowena Silver, a native of Winnipeg, Canada, now living in Riverside, California, is a founding editor of Epicenter Magazine, A literary publication. Her work has been widely published in such journals as: Bridges: A Jewish Feminist Journal, European Judaism, Writer’s Digest, Ariga, Standards: University of Colorado, Pudding House Publications, Guardian Unlimited, Heyday Books, The San Fernando Journal, and Dissident Editions.