A Friend to the End by John Tuttle


A Friend to the End

Explosions and war cries came from all around.
Gunfire and clash of metal raged in the battle.
Screams of terror from man and beast abound.
A riderless horse approached, no one in its saddle.

He was of our cavalry, a stout and sturdy great, shining steed.
No finer an animal had ever there stood.
I mounted saying, “Soldiers like you, my friend, truly we need.
We could tell our relationship would be good.

Now we went into battle, heated and thick.
Over gorge, stream, and trench did the brave fellow leap.
Shells and projectiles wizzed by quick and slick.
The horse carried me over field bloodied and slope steep.

There was one time I in fear wanted greatly to desert.
I led him away from the desperate scene of war.
The stallion struggled until to the battle did we revert.
He knew it was our duty to end the death and gore.

Never a word was spoken between us two.
With his noble strength and speed I fought into midday.
No word was needed between us; we knew.
Suddenly came an explosion, and I heard him neigh.

A boom; a flash; a quake. And together we fell.
Too hurt was the steed, though tried and true.
The loss of so many friends made it such a hell.
He was in pain, and I knew what I had to do.

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