Heartbreak Ridge by Reina Morse

In the style of The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe

Once upon a rainy night, while I cry with heavy shoulders,
Over many years of forgotten love-While I weep in sorrow, suddenly there came a
As if someone was to enter my depression.
Away with you, I muttered, away with thy pain and agony,
Trepidation and nothing more.
Ah, distinctly I remember it was a quiver;
I had felt your ghost, present with recollection.
For I wished you would be forever,
From inside of sorrow-sorrow for the pitiful love-suffering rare and torment weak,
nameless-nameless you stood evermore.
Your soul rustling of each aching, shattering heart, fantastic terrors thrilled me, stilled me,
stopped the beating of my heart,
I cried out. You are allowed no entrance at my tender empathy.
Some late night passion of desperation;-purely this and nothing more.
Broken my soul lies; Frozen and unfixed.
Pain, said I, Pain from within I implore; But the fact is you were supposed to last,
But you came out, showing your true self, and for the first time I heard you-here I
opened up;-Darkness overtook my heart.
Deep into that darkness lurking upon me, fearing, haunting, dreaming that no mortal
ever dared to escape;
But the silence unbroken, and the stillness of your words.
And the only words you muttered was one of lurid thought, and an echo of the door
slamming-Merely this and nothing more.
You have set a fire, all my soul within me burning.
Screams, I heard myself screaming with silence.
A real man, that is something you’ll never be; take the restless nights and this mystery
Let my heart rest upon its misery;-Forever this and nothing more!
Thus I flung the vacant memories of your sins into the saintly days of yore;
Not the least did I look back; not a minute more;
But, with my heart upon my cheek and the love that I seek, toying, playing a tune-
Forever shall be silenced, and nothing more.
Your eyes beguiling, and on the inside you’re smiling.
By the grave and the death of love,
You have taken it all, I said, All of it, Ghastly grim and ancient love, you took it-
tell me I am worth more! I need to be worth more.
Thus I marvelled with the fear of the unknown
You stood with little meaning-little relevancy within; for no human being dared to
Or was blessed with the pitiful sorrow-Man or beast, you meant no more.
Hunting the demons

For once second, just one, he spoke only of fear, as if his soul was trembling with
forgotten hope
Nothing farther, nor anything closer.
I scarcely recall a time when you promised forever-
Thus I remembered he will leave me with nothing but wilting roses.
Silence and stillness, broken yet untouched,
Doubtless, Your life still to be undefined, living as some unhappy master and
unmerciful disaster, followed you, followed faster and faster-
Till you died of hope and your melancholy words whispered with sorrow,
But eyes still beguiling, tricking them into smiling, straight into the darkness, behind the
door, and there I mounted myself to the ground, in this ominous moment-what this grim,
ungainly, ghastly, gaunt and gruesome hauntings locked away-never to return.
I engaged in guessing, but it was all a game to you,
Whose fiery eyes now burned enormous holes into my soul
This and more torture followed with the silence begging to be broken,
But whose words will no longer affect my mentality and shall extinguish your previous
reckless words.
As the sun went down, the air grew denser, perfumed by the sadness within,
Whose foot-falls heavily with each step.
Leave, I cried, Leave-by these angels, they shall take you from hell, from thy
memories with nothing but hurt; leave with them and forget this nightmare!
Regret wedged its way in.
Monster! said I, Thing of evil!-Lucifer’s friend!-whether you seek my soul or want to
destroy me, desolate yet all undaunted, on this desert land enchanted-discarded terror,
horror haunted-tell me truly, do you believe?-is there-any hope left in such an
unforgiving heart?!
Tell me it is the end of it all.
Monster! said I, thing of evil!-Lucifer’s friend!Wickedness
that bends above us-
Lashing out evil-
Tell this soul with sorrow laden if he wishes to make amends,
He must trust in whom the angels name as their own-
Have faith in who the angels name, and claim their souls.
Trust with everything.
You are unwanted friend or fiend!
I shrieked with agony
Get all that you own, and all that you have!
Leave no reminisce of all the sorrowful memories!
Leave my loneliness unbroken!And
what’s left of my soul untouched!
Take excruciating pain from out my heart
And take the sorrow too!
For I shall never remember.

And the rain suffocating the demon you created,
Just above the slamming door;
And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon that is dreaming,
As his everlasting hurt casts his shadow on the floor,
And my soul screeching, haunting, aching, and itching to be healed,
But now you are gone.


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