Table of Contents – Volume III Issue 1


Winter 2013

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Lavina Blossom: Sentry - 12 x 16, on wood panel



John Brantingham

SHORT STORY: Deena and the Bear

*s. Nicholas


Deanne Stillman

BOOK EXCERPT: The Lost Children of the Inland Empire

from Desert Reckoning: A Town Sheriff, a Mojave Hermit, and the Biggest Manhunt in Modern California History (Nation Books, 2012)


Lavina Blossom: Thistles, Muir Beach - 12 x 16 inches, on 140 lb. watercolor paper



*Tristan Douglas

Lockworx Alleyway


*James Ducat

Where Did She Go?

The Santa Anas

Michaelsun Knapp

Slow the way you like it

*Judy Kronenfeld

Vestigial Mom

La Place de la cathédrale

Matthew Nadelson

Running Late

Who Will Come Next


Lavina Blossom: Stone Face - 16 x 20 inches, on stretched canvas

Tim Perez

thin skin

when he brings in the dogs

*Max Randolph

California Desert Suite

*Cindy Rinne


*Laura Araujo S.

D and Third, San Bernardino

*Marsha Schuh

Geometries of Euclid

Lavina Blossom: Northwest Coast - 16 x 20, on stretched canvas


Featured Artist: Lavina Blossom


Writing Workshops Features

Riverside Creative Writing Workshops Featured Writer:

Deenaz P. Coachbuilder

Collaborative Workshop Poems

Riverside, exercise led by Joan Koerper

Riverside, with Special Guest Kingsley Tufts Winner Timothy Donnelly

Geno Schneider: Idyllwild Inlandia Creative Writing Workshops Literary Showcase June 21 2012

Idyllwild Inlandia Literary Showcase

Geno Schneider


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