Table of Contents – Volume V – Spring 2015

Works with audio denoted by an asterisk [*]

Karen Greenbaum-Maya – Wigs


Aaron Bagnell | The Byrd of Orson Wells

Ryan Garcia | Rather Than Making You Go To School

Chad Greene | Oasis

B.G. Kinney | Darling Eddie

Richard Luftig | Fishing for Pumpkinseeds

Ruben Rodriguez | A Craving

James Silberstein | Auspice

Andrew James Woodyard – 3:10 to Nowhere


Frey Curran | Sun Rays

liz gonzález | Cabaret [novel excerpt]

Andreé Robinson-Neal | Inlandia Creative Writing Workshops Feature (San Bernardino): Homegoing Day

Christian Shepherd | Red Sunset

Jeff Mays – Apple Orchard, Oak Glen


George Djuric | La Bapteme de Solitude

*Juanita E. Mantz | A Shit Day

Matt Nadelson | Craft Essay: What is Poetry?

Jeff Mays – Winter Dust and Windmill, Oak Glen


Lana Bella | Universal Carving

J. Ryan Bermuda | Foster

Michael Cluff | Melissa Bentley

Cynthia Covert | Inlandia Creative Writing Workshops Feature (Corona): Elegy for Rufus

Colin Dodds | Palm Springs, Indio, Yucca Valley, Needles

Lucia Galloway | Three Poems

*Karen Greenbaum-Maya | Roots

Elisha Holt | Snakebite and Become a Mountain

*Joan Kantor | Lullaby and Power

Gary Keith | Above

Jeff Mays | Three Poems

Michael Orlich | Communications Tower

Orlinda Pacheco | Child Play Real World

*Marsha Schuh | Everything I Needed to Know about Men I Learned at Band Camp

*David Schwitzgebel | The Inferno by Dante – Epilogue

Rowena Silver | Defrosting

Kristin Lieberman – Edna Nutt and Evelyn Olson, Banning

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