Table of Contents Volume IX Spring Teen Issue

Image of an eye
Orange Mist by Wren Leyva


Zamzam Abdullahi: Do I Have the Right?

Edill Ali: “Empty Dreams”

Mohamed Ali: “Mirror”

Sara Alsheikh: “Pain” and “City that Sleeps”

Abby Asmuth:  “Snow Globes” and “You She Once Knew”

Deka A. Bade: “Where I am From”

Aisha Bashir: “The Wise River”

Manqi Chen: “He Exists” and “Glory”

Alejandra Constantino: “Criminal”

Castiel Crews: “Ghost Boy”

Cesar Diaz: “Little Bird” and “Continuity”

Aiden Duarte: “The Duality of Loss” and “The World’s Longest Joke”

Anishka Duggal: “Subjugation,” “Explaining the Marangoni Effect,” and “Father Tells Me”

Avery Garcia: “Starry Skies”

Priyanka Jagadeesh: “You”

Kevin Jang: “What’s Cooking” and “I Hear a Ringing in my Ears”

Lauren Kawecki: “Choice” and “Flight”

Luci Kirlin: “Learning How to Do Relationships” series

Jessica Lao: “Penelope” and “Cassandra”

Alicia Manning: “War” and “Crossroads”

Stephanie Martinez-Beltran: “The Sun Does Not Shine Today” and “The Blue Butterfly”

Darren Mouk: “Revolve”

Layla Munye: “Mama Somalia”

Britney Obasi:“The Best Explanation”

Maggie Odom: “Pluto”

Elizabeth Pacheco: “Disjointed” and “Snow”

Maihan Phan: “Euphoria”

Ashley Renselaer: “A Golden Shovel” and “Veil”

Samantha Schmiedel: “Drops of Spring” and “Diamond River of Thoughts”

Paola Eva Sifuentes: “Blossom Five”

Mike Sims: “Xanax Boy,” “Song of the People,” and “Where Did All the Lilies Blow”

Krysta Szuszka: “Mirror, Mirror” and “Poison”

Ashley Tandoc: “Boat” and “Elysium”

Alyssa Valenzuela: “Leaves”

Clarice Yau: “A Bushel of Banned Books”


Kiyani Carter: “May 3rd, 2018”

Janelle Edgar: “The Oldest Man”

Avery Garcia: “A Single Tear”

Charity Griffin: “The Devil Can’t Smile”

Alissar Nahhas: “Unclear”

Maihan Phan: “When Interdimensional Radio Waves Meet Grad Students”

Krysta Szuszka: “Ghosts in the Rain between Night and Day”

Violette Valencia: “Raising Joy”

Connor Wallace: “I Remember”

Micro Works

Aubrey Koyle: “Did You Know Her?”

Akyr Makuach: “Black Pearl”

Emma Mancilla: “There’s a First Time for Everything”

Violette Valencia: “My Ode to Books”


Mike Sims: “The Holocaust in Literature”

Connor White: “The Light in the Mountains and Deserts”


Pablo Orozco: “No Spoiler: They Really Do Both Die”


Wren Leyva: “Orange Mist,” “Blink Once,” and “Liability”

Kevin Nguyen: “Studying but Suffering”

Audrey Parker: “Illusion,” “Being,” “Unknown,” Scratch,” and “Reaching”

Vivyan Perez: “Outstretch”

Leah Urrutia: “Off White,” “Pink Matter,” “Paradise,” “In Bloom,” “Lush”