Marcia Barnes

The Meadowlark


We hear the meadowlark no more

For she has flown away..

The fields are gone to houses

And she has no place to stay.

The land will sing with traffic

Where the children run and play.

But the meadowlark will not be here

For she has flown away.


Residing in a rural area in the Inland Empire  since 1990, Marcia Barnes has been a fused glass artist, a visual artist,  & a  hobby farmer, as well as writing poetry when the spirit moves her.  She sees the Inland Empire as place of great beauty that is often overlooked in spite of the ever encroaching urbanization of the area.  Her muse is the Earth, the Wind, & the creatures we share it with. When she rides her horse, she becomes one with the land, the hawks, the ravens  &  the meadowlarks that she still hears on occasion.