The Spark to the World by Nicholas Villegas

A spark can be extinguished with little to no thought
It grasps a dry leaf; easily affected
A bucket of water, sands in its path
Both could easily stop the small sparks wrath

Time passes on and wind molds the spark into flame
Spreading to the trees now they know its name
Jumping branch to branch they follow its power
Rapidly growing hour to hour

A roaring fire consumes everything it has touched
The trees, leaves, and bushes consumed by its rage

The animals they grow weary
They want the fire to go
They rise up together; a life or death chance
The fire does not even look; not even a glance

Arrogant and cocky the fire has triumphed
The forest was now asunder
The animals hope for a miracle; suddenly there’s thunder

The rain crashes down on the fire below
The fire starts hissing with pain
It then tries to spread; a futile plan
The rain has now cornered the fire on a lone tree
Finally the fire has been brought to its knee
It surrenders to the rain; a battle now lost
The rain has now stopped it, but at what cost

Many animals are dead and trees are left black
It looks like life will not come back
But birds start to chirp and squirrels scurry on the ground
Saplings start sprouting from under the ground
Life has returned home and all is right

But the cycle continues
It all happens the same
When will the spark return no one will know
Until that spark decides it’s time for a show

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