Stephanie Barbé Hammer

Junior League Blues

When I lived in NY I walked by the Junior League
After work I walked right past the Junior League
Why you never debutanted those debs would say to me
I ran out of money I said to them, my parents were broke, I explain
But you got money now, you got some money now
So why don’t you come back to the Junior League?

When I was 16 I went to meetings at the Junior League
Such dull empty meetings at the Junior League
Why you doing that?, my Jewish Marxist boyfriend asked me.
My parents are making me I told him, they insist I participate I complained
But you got political consciousness; you’re in the class struggle now
So don’t you go back to the Junior League.

Today in LA I carry poems past the Junior League
I see a lady with a Benz right in front of the Junior League
Won’t you come in, she says. I’ve got tea sandwiches, chocolates, and I even have gin
I’m an anarchist, I explain again. I’m a feminist, queer-friendly and mostly vegan
Well why didn’t you say so in the first place? she tells me
We don’t want anyone like THAT at the Junior League.