Jaime Garcia


the hill has been butterflied
and everything that causes noise speaks
in a foreign language

a radio chokes itself
saying the sound of empty country is snow

the distance between freeways is arrested

as reports about frost come second-hand
(things the soldiers fell like:
trees, leaves, airplanes)

an owl blasts through the mountain,
angels, expatriated from our father’s paradise
do taxes in a public park

Overpasses arc like the rings of a dying planet

Nobody can find work

now kids have taken to demanding
explanations from god

while last night the anarchists
doing their best to imitate the pacific
found only the silence of constant traffic


Jaime Garcia is a 23 year old libertarian conspiracy theorist from Rubidoux, California. His work has appeared in dotdotdash and Voiceworks, and is forthcoming in Contrary Magazine.