Call for Submissions: Special Issue on Cultural Identity in Inland Southern California

Were you or your parents born outside of the United States? Have you ever called Inland Southern California your home? Do you have a story to tell?

For this special issue, we will be featuring writers who represent the current face of Inland Southern California’s shifting cultural landscape.  We want work about your experience as a person of your particular background, and about the ways in which your cultural identity has been influenced or shaped by the varied cultures present here.

Some examples of relevant topics might be: how your family has maintained or changed cultural traditions/rituals since coming to the region, inter-cultural relationships and marriage, finding a sense of community (or lack thereof), what it was like to grow up as the child of an immigrant parent or parents, or conversely what it was like for a person of your background to parent (or grand-parent) children in this region, and/or explorations of interaction with cultures in the region, including your own.

All genres accepted – poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, images, and hybrid works.

(*For our purposes, “Inland Southern California” is defined as any non-coastal city or area in southern California, stretching from the San Felipe Valley just east of Oceanside up to Death Valley, near the California-Nevada border, including the deserts of eastern Riverside and San Bernardino counties all the way to the Colorado River.)

Please submit here.