Lenora’s Monster by Evan Bonavita

Thrills & Chills! Check back here each day leading up to Halloween for a new story written at an Inlandia workshop for those wanting to write for Ghost Walk. This story was a selection for the 2015 Ghost Walk.


Characters: Lenora, Coroner, Detective Ramirez

Setting: the morgue

-Enter Lenora in front of the morgue. Lenora banging on morgue door, rambling nervously.

Lenora: “They went straight to school, all three in bright yellow dresses. NO, NO, NO, RED, bright red dresses! School then straight home! They had their alert whistles with them that’s for sure, never leave the house without them! THEY KNOW how dangerous it is out there, WHILE THAT MONSTER THAT GOT THEIR DADDY IS JUST ROAMING THE STREETS HUNTING US! “Kids will be kids” is no excuse! We went over their jobs 100 times. Lilly is supposed to guide them home only using main streets, safety in numbers, Sofia and Mia are supposed to always hold Lilly’s hand and keep look out! But something happened, I just know it! What if no one heard their whistles, or their screams? No one is ever around to help! Sofia, and Mia are much too small to fight off that monster; Lilly wouldn’t be able to alone. I KNEW I WAS RIGHT. Rick wouldn’t run away from me and the girls, he’s dead and now they are too, I can feel it! I’ve lost my husband, now my girls, all the love in my life is gone, MAYBE NOW YOU GUYS WILL BELIEVE ME!”

-Lenora now knocking down door angrily.


-Interrupting Lenora’s rant, the coroner exits the morgue, giving the appearance he was closing up for the night. His facial expression shows he’s annoyed to see Lenora but speaks politely to her.

Coroner: “Lenora, what can I help you with this time.”

Lenora: “WHERE WERE YOU! I’ve been banging your door down for what seems like FOREVER!”

-Coroner is now clearly annoyed with her.

Coroner: “Closing up like I always do at this time SO I CAN GO HOME, SO IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN HELP YOU WITH?!”

Lenora: “Where is Detective Ramirez?! I couldn’t find him at the station and we ALL know he’s not out trying to keep this city safe, apparently that’s just my job around here! SO I figured he’s in here chatting it up with you, while you guys just sit back and watch THE BODIES PILE UP!”

-Coroner now angry.

Coroner: “NOW LENORA, I’m sorry about Rick, I REALLY AM, you didn’t deserve him taking off like that, BUT HE’S NOT DEAD, he’s just GONE. You need to get over this murder nonsense for ME, for you, and for your girls.”

-Lenora’s eyes widen as she remembers again her urgent reason for finding the detective.

Lenora: “THE GIRLS! THEY’RE MISSING! They’re dead just like my husband Rick, I, I, I… I just know it. YOU GUYS LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN! THEY’RE DEAD, THEY’RE DEAD, THEY’RE DEAD, JUST LIKE THEIR DADDY! You guys didn’t search hard enough!”

Coroner: “SLOW DOWN, where were they last?! Come inside and I’ll try to get a hold of Detective Ramirez.”

-Cop appears and interrupts them before they can go inside. Cop speaking at corner.

Cop: “Sir, we need you to open up the back, we’ve got three small ones, still warm coming in.”

-Cop notices Lenora and speaks to her gently.

Cop: “Um, miss you should come with me, we need to talk.”

-Lenora yelling at cop and coroner. *NOTE: her back is still not visible to audience.

Lenora: “None of you wanted to believe me. No you all just thought I was CRAZY, you all just ignored me! I TRIED TO SAVE THEM! I told you someone killed my husband, I TOLD YOU AND NOW she’s killed my girls! AND IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!”

-Lenora NOW turns her back to the audience reveling large hand outlined smudges of blood on the back of her dress where it appears she’s wiped her hands. Lenora now speaking in a soft and calm voice.

Lenora: “I warned you the monster was still out there and you didn’t believe me [small pause] you didn’t stop me.”