Shittu Fowora

featherage of the interim


All it takes

for me to fall

into an equation

and endure mortality

like a life-sentence

is a string

of words and I come,


I touch the moment

by light words,

I test it by the featherage of the interim


my lantern invents

an idea of strength

it draws in air for inspiration


Densities and words

lyrically erase my eyes

and I am a punctuation

drenched in words.


Storyteller, poet, freelance writer and editor. Shittu Fowora, a lifelong fan of history and the power of scented words has recently been motivated by the winsomeness of birds and the wisdom of ants. Having been stung more than twice while attempting to lounge in trees to write verses, he now spends more time around PCs and electronic gadgets,at other times,he’s in bed, not sleeping.
His works have recently appeared in or forthcoming from Sentinel Quarterly review, Cha, Monkeystarpress, StoryMoja, Elsewherelitmag, RousingReads, Thewritemag, Helen Literary Magazine,, DANSE MACABRE,, National dailies and various literary outlets.