LAST PHONE CALL Written by Jerry D. Mathes II

Note: This story will be featured at the 2016 Ghost Walk on the Things that go Bump in the Night tour – Orange.


THUNDER RUMBLES from outside. BOBBY, a young man, sits at a table typing furiously on his laptop. He takes a drink from his water bottle and sets it next to his lap top. He looks

He stretches, yawns, and types a little more.

BRENDA and TIFFANY, young women, enter and stop in front of
Bobby. They each carry their smart phones in their hands. .

You were supposed to meet me an hour ago.

Bobby motions to his lap top exasperated.

I need to finish this paper.

You could’ve called.

She holds out her phone as if presenting evidence.

Brenda sets her smart phone on the table and rummages through her purse.

You wasted our time.

She looks to Tiffany.

I left my card at Back to the Grind.

Please. You know I love you. I’ll be there in another hour. If not I’ll call. Promise.

Fine. But you’d better call.

Or have a really good excuse.

Or you can just drop dead!

Brenda and Tiffany storm off. Brenda’s phone still on the table.

Bobby looks sad and frustrated. He yawns.

Maybe just a catnap.

Bobby lays his head on the table.

EVIL SPIRIT enters. A woman dressed in a white dress, white faces with slight skull shadings. She is at once playful and menacing.

She puts her finger to her lips and shushes the audience, with a mischievous grin.

She waves her hand and THUNDER RUMBLES. She knocks over the water bottle and it spills on the lap top. It SIZZLES.

Bobby jerks and spasms from electrocution and then slumps in his chair.

The Evil Spirit LAUGHS.

Brenda’s phone on the table RINGS.

Tiffany walks in, looking at her phone.

The Evil Spirit moves around her.

Here it is, Brenda.

Brenda comes back, picks up her phone, and regards Bobby.

The Evil Spirit stands by Bobby and motions towards him like a game show hostess presenting a new car.

Look at him. Asleep.

So rude.

Tiffany sniffs the air.

Smells a little like burnt chicken.

The Evil Spirit rolls her eyes.

Brenda shrugs.

Let’s go.

Brenda takes a step, but hesitates.

Why should I let him sleep?

She reaches out to shake his shoulder.

The Evil Spirit dances about, encouraging her.

No wait. He’s been working so hard.

Brenda pauses. The Evil Spirit shakes her fist at Tiffany.

Excuse me?

He just wants to get good grades to get into med school.

I’m his girlfriend.

The Evil Spirit continues to pantomime.

He wants to make a great future with and help people.

How do you know this?

He says it all the time. You just don’t notice it.

Brenda softens. Pulls her hand back to her side, looking at Bobby lovingly.

Oh. I guess I can be self-involved.

The Evil Spirit LAUGHS, but Brenda and Tiffany don’t notice.

They move to the side and whisper to each other as TWO YOUNG MEN, MIKE and FRANK, enter and pause in front of Bobby.

Smells like my mom burned dinner again.

The Evil Spirit regards the two young men.

(to audience)

Ah. Boys. The pliant tools of mischief.

Bobby’s hard out.

The Evil Spirit beckons them toward Bobby.

Mike grins mischievously at Frank who grins back.

The Evil Spirit motions for them to shake Bobby.

Mike takes out a Sharpie and uncaps it.

The Evil Spirit gives them a what the heck look and a look of disbelief to the audience.

Mustache time!

(to audience)

The imperfect tools of mischief.

Mike and Frank move toward Bobby.

What do you think you are doing?

Mike pauses.

He is dead tired from studying.

She points to Bobby and in the same instant the Evil Spirit waves her hand and THUNDER RUMBLES.

Bobby falls from his chair to the floor. They all SCREAM in horror. The Evil Spirit looks satisfied with herself as she dances around.

Tiffany rushes to Bobby, checks his pulse…

Call 9-1-1.

Mike takes out his cellphone as Tiffany starts CPR. Frank jumps to help her. Brenda stares in shock.

Bob gets off the floor and walks to the Evil Spirit. Tiffany and Frank keep doing CPR where Bobby had been on the floor.

The Evil Spirit hands Bobby a cellphone. Bobby nods and dials.

Brenda’s phone RINGS. She looks at it in horror and to where the CPR is being performed. She answers it.

Hi, Brenda. I’m not going to make it for coffee.