The All-Teen Issue Has Launched!

Dear Readers,

Last year, longtime Inlandia Ontario workshops participant Victoria Waddle proposed that we dedicate an entire issue of the online literary journal to the creative output of teens. Of course we said yes!

Victoria got to work sending hundreds of emails to teachers, youth librarians, and other school administrators across the region. Word got out. All in all, eight teens volunteered to guest-edit. In the end, the teens selected 50+ pieces to be published in this issue, ranging from the usual suspects – art, poetry and short stories – to a short film, drama, reviews of books, music, and movies, and essays on tough topics like racial identity and Ferguson.

The work in this issue is insightful, funny, earnest, honest, smart, heartbreaking.

These kids are us, decades ago. These kids are the future.

Read them and weep.

~ Cati Porter

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