Collaboration: Day 7

Days 317 and 318 of Self-Quarantine: Take-Out Delivery Service Via Drone to Your Door
March 24, 2020

by Christina Guillen, Cati Porter, Burcu Misirli Chatham, Julianna Cruz, Ai Kelley, Dar Stone, Robin Longfield, Shali Nicholas, James Luna, Liz Armstrong, Magdalena Nunez, Cherie Rouse,

“A blessed day to you, Ma’m”, a voice from
the ether said as a package landed at our feet.
“That looks like something that fell from space!”,
said the child. “Son, Mommy has to quarantine
the cardboard box 24 hours in the garage first!”

“You didn’t wash that avocado, did you?,” asked
Grandma. “Listen to yo momma, child!”
“See, I told you there’d be enough rice for
everyone if we all just take a little.” Then Grandma
said, ”Finger Food” doesn’t mean your fingers
are food—get them out of your mouth!”

”Don’t eat that without washing your hands!,”
mother exclaimed, “You told me he was dead!,”
mom said, looking at Dad.

“And I grabbed an extra thermometer.”
“I f’ing love you”

Original prompt: Today, please contribute a line of dialogue. It can be anyone talking to anybody. It doesn’t have to be complete. It can even be a snippet of an overheard conversation.