Collaboration: Day 14

Our Wishes for You Who Are Suffering Today, and Always
March 31, 2020

Happy birthday, César Chavez
For the nourishing harvests we enjoy

I wish you lazuli buntings, goldfinches,
ruby-throated hummingbirds,
the diamond cut of raven’s tails

Bare feet on the earth, warm sun
on your face–this I wish for you

Wishing you lollipops, sunshine
and colorful rainbows your way

Washed windows today, cleared
cobwebs, brightened views,
Windexed away worries

Small acts of personal kindness
stifle the fears of Corona Virus

For all of those incarcerated
unnecessarily, may you be released

Cocooned in darkness, I hope for you
the patterned wings you most desire

Zoom workshops with friends
and drinking wine, voyeurism is required

Remember the funnies
And don’t forget to dance

Sending you peace, love, and prayers
Peace in the moment the bee
blesses the peach blossom

May your roots deepen
May you find water and sun
May you discover what is prayerful in what’s plain
May you rest easy breathe deeply
wherever you feel safe

Time is precious, and you have more of it now
Dominus Vobiscum
The Lord be with you

And remember, when all clamor subsides,
yes—this is truly you.

by Natalie Champion, Delia Vaden, Tom Vaden, Rick Champion, Burcu, Cindi Neisinger, Cindy Bousquet Harris, Frances Vasquez, Barbara Berg, Nan Friedley, Magdalena Nunez, Joseph Milazzo, Sherry Mackay, James Luna, Juanita Mantz, Juliana Crus, Kris Lovekin, Rebecca O’Connor, Cati Porter

Original Prompt: Today, let’s put our positive energy into a poem — good wishes for all who are suffering during this time. One line of about ten words as an offering to keep everyone safe and well.