Collaboration: Day 16

Nostalgia is So Last Month
—after A Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat
April 2, 2020

Back in the day-large, social gatherings.
Oh…to return to the past, together
again. I want to be outside in the
shade on a sunny day. A relaxing,
lovely day amidst friends. Leisure time in
the park: Thank you Meisieur Seurat. Cool breeze
off the water. I tilt my parasol
to let the warmth of the sun behold my
face. My shoes are off, now to unlace this
stifling corset. Do you think this dress makes
my butt look big? Oh look at this crowd – isn’t
that Mary? Would Georges Seurat, master
shuffler of dots, be surprised his name can
be rearranged to spell Go Eager Estrus?
A beautiful carefree day in sunshine
with friends and family, so unlike what
we are experiencing now. Sunday
at a park – pompous, stiff and socially
aloof – where’s the fun?

by Deborah Kotaka, Natalie Champion, Rick Champion, Tom Vaden, Delia Vaden, Ai Kelly, Doug McCulloh, Frances Vasquez, Cindi Neisinger, Debby Johnson, Nan Friedley, and Cati Porter

Original prompt: Write one line of poetry approximately ten syllables (give or take) long that responds to this painting in some way, any way you’d like.