Collaboration: Day 19

For What I Already Miss
April 5, 2020

For I will consider what I already miss.
For I miss flying through the park like sparrows
with my young Tinkergarten explorers.
For I shook each student’s hand and greeted them
before we began our school day.
For hundreds gathered together in the multipurpose room
of the middle school, bumping elbows
or fist bumps in greeting, no hands.
For even I miss air high-fives with sixth graders, sneaky
touches of hands with less cautious ones
For I sorely miss riding the Metrolink to visit my Granddaughter.
For I miss dearly when I took grandkids to the park.
For I miss also when I flew somewhat friendly skies to sunny Denver,
for time with too distant family and family-to-be
For I also miss when I travelled to the conference in London.
For I miss mixing and mingling with writers
in San Antonio and finding my tribe over margaritas.
Or watching the ocean waves up close.
Or yelling and screaming, karate training.
And also Cynthia’s Sunday morning class packed
with a herd of Zumba-ites. Miss you all
For there are few things better than Drag Brunch
at Hamburger Mary’s, bottomless mimosas, spontaneous dance party.
Or marinated olives, marinara pizza, Mexican Coke at our favorite pizzeria.
For duly is missed my marching, clapping and singing
protest songs with my sister resisters.
But moreso I miss those times I kissed the top
of my elderly MaMas head, goodnight.
Because you never know….

by to collaborators Gudelia, Burcu, Robin, Nan, Julianna, Stevie, Juanita, James, Kris, Steve, Cindi, Judy, Debby

Original prompt: Write one line writing about one thing that you did in the days leading up to the stay at home orders that would now be forbidden.