Collaboration: Day 21

Cooking in the Time of Covid
April 7, 2020

The fish get away; chickens are free
to run; cows, lambs you’re safe too.
Carrots, beans, potatoes, pasta noodles
run and hide we’re after you.

Potatoes sliced thin, tossed in olive oil
and Himalayan sea salt, then baked for 15 minutes.
Oh yeah, french fries!

Oh, still enjoy quesadillas, tacos, burgers, pizzas, fries
but more homemade, much healthier
and definitely more generous with their vegetables!!!

Scored 25lb. bags of beans, rice and flour.
Frijolitos, arroz, y tortillas de harina = Sabrosito! Burritos
Did it really expire in 2008?
Flour can’t make me sick though, can it?

Maiz o Harina? I’ve made them both!
I think it’s time for Tia’s Tamales! Mole (Mo-leh) Tamales!
New Mexico Green Chile or New Mexico Red Chile—
Maybe Christmas is your style.

Gonna make tortilla soup from tortilla pieces,
hey, where’s my tortilla? Who took my tortilla.
Oh, there it is! Invented when folks didn’t have mucho.

Reach for Doritos and Coke, or nosh on
a lunch of defrosted year-old meatballs?
Don’t do it…don’t open that
bag of peanut ‘M&M’s for Easter.

by Kris Lovekin, Nan Friedley, Cindi Neisinger, Barbara Berg, Rick Champion, Natalie Champion, Burcu Misirli Chatham, Julianna Cruz

Original prompt: Today, let’s think about food! How has your diet changed since you’ve been staying at home? Do you reach for different things? Are there things you miss? Let’s keep the focus on food – what are you snacking on during quarantine, what new recipes have you tried, what comfort foods are you making, or tell us about that strange thing you defrosted and cooked up from the back of the freezer….