Collaboration: Day 24

Today on Good Friday, Let Us Make Time
April 10, 2020

For reflection and gratitude for those
who give of themselves so that we may live.
Such gratitude for the unsung UPS
hero, Steve, who we have known for years, who
never fails to tuck our packages away
so that they stay safe from porch pirates
and dry from this rain! Gratitude for
the phlebotomist who took my blood
at the lab, for Jose who kept his business
open so we could buy papusas for lunch,
for the bus drivers and for my amazing
husband Rick and felines, Princess and Milo.
Your family is always there for you
through joy, sadness. They will always be there
for you. They support and care for you.
Family love each other unconditionally
no strings attached. Grateful for that which is
essential, the science, the heart, the spirit
of all those on the front lines who do
what they need to to help others who need.
To all the public defenders showing up
in court, fighting for those who are voiceless
and invisible, and always, protecting
their clients’ rights and fighting for their safety
Good Friday, a day of sacrifice. Thanks
to my cousin, infectious disease nurse,
who sacrifices her safety in
12 hour shifts. All heroes and heroines,
leaving their families, homes behind to work,
so we could stay home, stay healthy, so that
life could go on, they are our lifelines
holding us together, and forever
and ever we owe them our health, sanity,
and, hopefully, the victory! So much
gratitude for our doctors, nurses, EMT’s,
& ambulance drivers in the trenches.
Grateful thanks to son-in-laws that work at
Amazon & engineering firms still
reporting to work. Special thanks to fast
food workers, dashers to doors, Instacarters,
delivery folks, & postal workers
who are allowing these seniors to last
a little longer to play with their grandchildren!
Special thanks for the scientists who will
conquer the Coronavirus and for
the fieldworkers who keep food coming to
our tables. Dedicated to all of
the Essential Workers: Gratitude and smiles,
here and across the miles, risking their lives.
These are our heroes. We will never forget
their sacrifices. I can’t build statues
to you all, or set aside a holiday,
or christen a ship in honor of
the great and simple miracles you perform.
Please know that I build my monument
with prayers for your safety, your futures
and your families. My mom always spoke
about La Sombra de San Pedro.
May La Sombra and all that could shelter
you and keep you safe now and always.

Original prompt: Whether or not you observe this holiday, let’s use today’s poem as an opportunity for reflection and gratitude for those who give of themselves so that we may live.

by Rakhi Shelat, Barbara Berg, Burcu Misirli Chatham, Christine Perkins, Natalie Champion, Rick Champion, Gudelia Vaden, James Luna, Nan Friedley, Frances Borella, Juanita Mantz, Cati Porter