Collaboration: Day 30

A Room for Everyone

Closed-door cloistered
sitting upright fingers poised
poetry room

A room for writing, all
my own, finally, it only took
a pandemic

Wandering in the room
of my thoughts

Desk window, portal to imagination
when outdoor exploration
becomes forbidden

Sunny, cozy, warm… a room
that looks out to the world

On the south side is a glass
conservatory. Broad leaves
breathing, making
food of sunlight

A sun room shaded
with all the plants
I’ll never be able to
grow, making
an indoor jungle

Glass walls, outside
inside, table, chair,
my laptop, and me

In the study room, teaching
my computer to read Greek

At hallway’s end, a quiet
room with a reading couch

I am a compilation
of all the rooms
in all the houses
in all the movies
I watch to experience

their decor. The ceiling
of sky, walls of horizon,
inhale night, exhale day

An island,
a continent,
a world,
this room

Pull down the ladder
and climb to find
me keeping company
with your keepsakes

In the living room, cats
sleep, run
and chase each other

In this warm kitchen there is
always the aroma
of fresh baked bread

In a stew, create
comfort food one
crockpot at a time

I am the only room
in the house
that holds your
destiny, next to
the family room

You must visit to prepare
something that feeds
you. Yum!

I hold the threaded machine
she peddles to make masks

Magnificent, glorious
room that is so magical
oh how I love you. You provide
me comfort. It is my husband
and my and my daughter’s
bedroom we cherish
you a lot and promise
to keep you clean

I am your front porch room—
warm sunlight streaming through
walls of glass–sip your coffee
and watch the birds and butterflies flit from
flower to flower–sip your coffee
and watch the plants turn their leaves
to the sun–sip your coffee
and welcome your guests

The pond swirls and rushes
to fill the blind darkness

Original prompt: We are the house. Which room in the house are you?

by Julianna M. Cruz, Elizabeth Faith Aamot, Gudelia Vaden, James Luna, Raine Lefaivre-Naggi, Jessica Lea, Nan Friedley, Cati Porter, Dar Stone, Renee Mosher Peirce, Steve Perry, Barbara Berg, Burcu Misirli Chatham, Douglas McCulloh, John DiFusco, Rick Champion, Rakhi Shelat, Juanita E. Mantz Pelaez, Frances T. Borella, Lynn Doiron