Gudelia Vaden


Every time I hear someone cough, I want to run and hide
These are scary times and I wish they would go away

Every time I hear the word pandemic, I want to run and hide
Washing hands for 20 seconds with warm water and soap is better than hand sanitizer

Every time I switch on the news and people are dying, I want to run and hide
Masks are now required when going out

Every time I see a person in a supermarket getting close to me, I want to run and hide
Disinfecting supplies are hard to come by these days
Every time I hear of a commercial cruise ship that was highly infected, I want to run and hide
I am doing my part to flatten the curve by staying home as much as possible
These fears belong to me

Shelter in Place

My soul yearns to return to normal
One day merges into the next
Keeping a six foot distance is required
I long to visit friends and family

Empty Town

Riverside, like many towns screams of loneliness
Masked people are the new norm
More staying home
Parks closed to children’s dismay
I see despair and emptiness in people’s eyes
Store shelves empty
Where has all the toilet paper gone?
Commodities and food are scarce
Even the birds have left
Resembles ghost town
When will this pandemic end?