Collaboration: Day 43

Of the Senses this Nonsense Make a Kind of Mind

The poet said “Slam”, while jammers jammed and jammed.
Sally said “stop” but the drum drummed on
Punk rock python pranced and danced
while crawling to The Cramps

Dizzy drunken dotards downed
a dozen Dunkin’ Donuts.
Dragons, tails sagging, lagging
and lollygagging behind wagons

Megalomaniacal megalodon
Dim sum bok choy kuey teow right now.
The dog jumped over the moon
while the cat ticked off the spoon

Frogs find fly fishing fabulous fun!
Hogs and dogs swimming with frogs in bogs
Think pink wink zinc blink drink then sink, link?
Lint, splints, and raspberry blintzes are good.

Vessels wrestle, then settle in nests
I hope to soon see a cornucopia of my gardens delights.
Zero the Zithersmith, perched on a precipice,
plucked with flourish as his melody floated on a zephyr.

Milo Morris jumped over Princess Tabitha and she flew out the window
She shot out like a rocket!
Huffing puffing power walker,
masked neighborhood stalker.

There’s death! To sling the wish’d coil awry,
and spurn not a pale contumely calamity.
Orotund rebounders don
haute couture before going boating.

Original prompt: Write a line of poetry with an emphasis on the sound and not the meaning.

Juanita E. Mantz Pelaez, Rose Y. Monge, Sharon Sekhon, Robin Longfield, Rob McMurray, Julianna M. Cruz, Douglas McCulloh, Natalie Champion, Becca Spence Dobias, Frances T. Borella, Nan Friedley, Joseph Milazzo, Debby Johnson, Steve Perry, Dar Stone, Gudelia Vaden, Kamelyta Noor, Barbara Berg, Raine Lefaivre-Naggi