Collaboration: Day 52

Beginnings & Endings

When you and I were Gaia
our love began, and our love
expands eternal—MyOTHER.

My mom is a Prothonotary Warbler
in a nest of soft mosses and leaves,
an Osprey always in deep defense,
and a Least Tern giving me shadow
in the sun or cooling me
with a sponge bath from the ocean.

Mom, you are my best friend
You are so kind and beautiful
You inspire me! I love that
at my age you still call me kid.

My mom is a fighter, a dreamer,
a reader and a dancer. Just like me.
I’m proud of Mom and her keen
sense of humor, as she reaches 100
in January: Keep on going strong!

Mom is the keeper of family recipes
stored loosely in a worn red and white
Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.

s l o w l y aging, I feel you slipping
away. But, when you smile at me
MaMa, I feel like your child again.
Sturdy, practical, careful and devoted
to us always. I hate the thought of losing you.

First Mother’s Day without you;
no lunch at our favorite place,
no cake—everything tastes
of salt and umami anyway.

You have no idea how much
I miss you cussing us out.

Madre mia, you live through
your Dichos, capirotada,
and Cumbia memories.

I look at our children. Still
in awe. The dream came true.
Pieces of me out in the world,
tethered by love, make my heart complete
Becoming a mother I learned why
a craft of popsicle sticks, glue and tempera paint
is a more valuable gift than diamonds.

Devout atheist, with the best skin—
your granddaughter continues
your brilliant refusal of all easy answers.

What a blessing to be a part of five
generations of strong and nurturing
women. Stay tuned for more!

Mom, I love you so much that words
cannot describe. When I am in the cocina,
you guide me from heaven to add
a pinch of this and that and reminding
me to go easy on the red pepper.

Although we are now apart, there is
so much, so much in this world,
I am glad, you cannot know or feel.

Mama, you are the first reason
I love strays and abandoned critters.
I know you deep in my bones,
but you’re still a stranger to me
Even in my darkest night,
you are my guiding light.
Mom, you can still remember
so much with your heart, I will keep
holding your heart with all my might.

Original prompt: Write a line of poetry in honor of Mother’s Day.

Ai Miyamoto Kelley, Stephanie Barbe Hammer, Tom Vaden, Barbara Berg, Natalie Champion, Dar Stone, Julianna Cruz, Robin Longfield, Juanita Mantz, Gudelia Vaden, Cindi Neisinger, Cindy Bousquet Harris, Nan Friedley, Burcu Misirli Chatham, Rose Y. Monge, Kris Lovekin, Debby Johnson, Faith Dincolo, Raine Levaivre-Naggi, Frances T. Borella, Ginger Galloway, Kamelyta Noor, Frances J. Vasquez