Collaboration: Day 55

Just Another Monday in Quarantine

Wake up! It’s time to get up and go to work
in my pajamas, while the coffee perks.

Up with the sun, exercise at heart.
This is how I determine the day will start.

I hear things are starting to open
Is there a job for me? Sure am hoping!

God knows how sexy I feel
When I wear a glorious green high heel!

Monday in quarantine is like a bad stew
Except when I am awoken by a sweet mew.

Milo Morris says mew mew:
Feed me chicken stew!

My dog with black patches I named Pow Pow.
No wonder his former owner named him Cow Cow!

I brought home a dog I named Zancudo
Long-legged like a grasshopper and ate Menudo.

My morning is busy, I do lots of chores,
Laundry, dishes, and sweeping the floor.

Gentle breezes and delicate chirping.
Somewhere in the garden a cricket is lurking.

Feet in the ground, I reach, trying to bud.
My roots inhale deeply, looking for mud.

Have I listened to all the sun has said
or busied myself inside baking bread?

Eavesdropping on birds singing a duet,
Worried they may stop if too close I get.

A pig, a pond, a perfect storm pervades.
A gathering, a smattering of ants invade.

Nights and days are becoming blurry.
Unable to hug a loved one is a worry.

Monday’s children blessed with faces sweet and fair
must hold hearts imbued with love, empathy and care.

The next generation:
Tape on floor marks our separation.

Wear it, don’t wear it, only you can decide.
Mask or not, let your conscience be your guide.

Bombay Club sings “I got my second wind”.
Hoping you get yours as you elect to stay in.

Original prompt: Write a rhyming couplet, i.e. two lines of poetry about ten syllables each that have a words on the end that sound the same.

Cati Porter, Ginger Galloway, Frances J. Vasquez, Debby Johnson, Sharon Sekhon, Stephanie Barbé Hammer, Frances T. Borella, Nan Friedley, Rose Y. Monge, Burcu Misirli Chatham, Thomas Vaden, Gudelia Vaden, Dar Stone, Barbara Berg, Lynn Doiron, Mark Givens, Kamelyta Noor, John DiFusco, Natalie Champion