Collaboration: Day 63

All That is Here, I Believe

“You road I enter upon and look around, I believe you are not all that is here,
I believe that much unseen is also here.” — Walt Whitman

That which I believe slips quickly through the sieve.
I believe what I believe believe it or not.
‘Do you believe in life after love,’ asked Cher.
I believe love is an intellectual decision to care.
I believe we can learn a lot from the cats and dogs among us.
There is so little I can know, but so much that I can choose to believe.
I believe in the power of my Instant Pot.
I believe in just the right amount of distance.
I believe in the grace of dinner, lovingly prepared.
I believe the sun will come out tomorrow. No time for sorrow.
I believe we will win our democracy back.
I believe in the Magic of Merlin.
I believe I’ll do it better next time.
I believe evolving is a never ending journey.
I believe the time is now for true and sustainable change.
I believe brighter horizons are coming soon and Earth will heal.
I believe in the man in the sky.
I believe in laughter every day.
I believe in the ladies in my life.
I love. I believe. I strive to achieve.
I do not believe, I believe.
Science doesn’t care what I believe.
Raising her clenched fist in the air, she yelled, “I Believe!”

Original prompt: “I believe….”

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