Ragini Goel

Sterilized Muse

My door knobs are shining
All locks sterilized
My bathrooms are sparkling
My kitchen organized
I’ve put away my perfumes
I smell like Lysol wipes
Cleaning all day
I’m really sterilized
The Muse never knocks
On my door anymore
Cooking and Cleaning
Have become Mi Amor

I chat on the phone
As I always can
I jog in the house
Like I’m at the gym
I play bridge on the computer
Like I’m with real friends
I look in the mirror
And powder my face
I go to my closet
And try on some clothes
Then dress to the hilt
But nowhere to go

I say to myself
This can’t be true
I’m sad and lonesome
Not a creature around
Texting and phoning
Doesn’t do it for me
I’m dying to hear
A human sound
I long for the contact
I crave very much
I yearn for the healing
Of a grandchild’s touch

Where is my family
Where are my friends
Is this the same world
Is this where I live
I wonder and wonder
And ponder again
Confused perplexed
I’m going insane
Scratching my head
I start mopping the floor
When suddenly I see
The Muse exit my door.