Virginia S Fesunoff


I live on a pretty street
We live in a pretty house
I birthed pretty children
We make pretty good money
I am pretty healthy
We are pretty fortunate
I work pretty hard


My books are pretty far behind
The vegetables in the crisper are pretty far gone
I’m pretty sure I can just buy more
I’m pretty anxious when I leave the house


I’m pretty sure that
I’m pretty careful
It’s a pretty short drive to the store
My heart is pounding pretty hard

The line for the groceries was pretty long
That lady has a pretty mask
That guy looked pretty angry
I’m pretty sure I should avoid him

People are pretty angry
Standing on my pretty rickety deck
I could hear the firing of rubber bullets pretty clearly
I am pretty anxious that my son returns safely

It’s pretty hot outside
The billowing wildfire smoke seems so pretty
Our future is not looking pretty
I’m pretty certain we’ll get through this
Life might seem pretty great

It certainly is pretty

Born in San Francisco, Virginia has spent more than half her life in Riverside.
She is a business owner for money, photographer by education, gardener by love, paint-stripper by trade, and grandmother in joy.