Deenaz P. Coachbuilder

A prayer for America

Fires consume California

hundreds of bolts of electricity rain

down on dry hill and brush

three million acres and thousands of trees lie dying,

the birds have been silenced

the cloudless pale blue sky turns to murky gray

as the tears of people who have lost their homes

mingle in the ash that covers burnt cities

harbingers of misery 

in America

craving redemption.

Desolation in the loss of faith in our country abides.

Like Ferlinghetti we wait to be released 

from the anarchy of wayward institutions

the politics of self

the lure of mega houses and

burgeoning bank accounts

thirsting for a time when the simple virtues of 

kindness and charity reign

the labor of sharp minds and strong hands honored

a space wherein communities dwell together

in bonds of friendship

our nation’s creative spirit a birthright

for all, 

safe, secure and just. 

Like Ferlinghetti we are waiting

for fresh air with a sweetness of breath

clear streams and waters that reflect blue skies

tasting like little sips of life itself,

where animals regain their lands, roaming free,

conserved by humankind.

Some say it was never so.

Then let us build it now.

Come, “hope”, let us embrace you.

Heal our divisiveness.

Let us fulfil those hallowed promises.

Redeem the Soul of the nation.

Restore its spiritual essence.


May the fires

be controlled

the virus


May Shanti

return to this

divided nation

and children

play along

golden beaches

in clear waters.



substitute batons


replace conspiracy.



be the refuge of


who hunger for 


a necklace

of opalescent

beads of


the country

of our dreams

once more,

our North 


Deenaz P. Coachbuilder Ph.D., is a retired school principal, adjunct professor in special education and consulting speech pathologist. She is a visual artist, writer and environmental advocate. Deenaz’ poetry, essays, and commentaries have been published regionally and internationally. Her books of poetry, Metal Horse and Shadows: A Soul’s Journey and Imperfect Fragments, have been received with critical acclaim. Deenaz is a wife, mother, and adoring grandmother who lives in Riverside California, Seattle Washington, and Mumbai, India.