Aiden Duarte

The World’s Longest Joke

The Duality of Loss

The Duality of Loss

Underneath my bed, there are objects
I don’t know if I’m looking for them so can I call them found?
I know I’m looking for some things

I’m looking for that tablet pen still
It seems to disappear every time I try and use it
Rolling to and fro at its own accord, making digital art a game

I’m looking for my T.V. remote
One that slipped into the void underneath my bed
3 moves ago and has never been found
Hoping it stumbled its way into a box
I haven’t opened

I’m looking for my games
That vanished from my game case
Never to be seen again
Their last appearance years ago
Those too lost in my never ending room

Nothing can truly vanish
Where something once was a new thing now sits
The first law

From my tablet pen came my growth in art
Traditional art
Pens and pencils scattered
Alcohol markers and watercolor

From my T.V. remote came a growing distaste for the T.V.
I did more to occupy my time, reading
And maybe sounding pretentious

From my games came a sense of responsibility
I bought them, they are mine
I should take care of them
So I do
Now I do

Not all gains are good, not all loss is bad

From separate pieces of my life I have gained addiction
Touch repulsive
Emotions that cannot sit still

All from different people
Ripping and tearing at my life, people I could trust
People that knew me since birth
People that found me along the way
Prying fingers and mounting pressure
Open mouths with sharp teeth, latching

No one should experience such things
But people do

From all of this I gained a sense of death
I have died 5 times over
I have also gained a sense of appreciation
Not because my life isn’t as bad as others


I gained a sense of trying to live
Day by day it’s a struggle
Some days harder than others
But I prevail
Each day a victory under my belt
Conquering those who thought less of me
Conquering my own limitations

Die at the age of 15? Laughable, even I couldn’t predict my dexterity
I gain a victory each day I come away clean
Each day I stay away from addictions
One day I hope to participate without destroying myself
One day

Each day I stand strong to the monsters placed upon me
Despite what I’ve been through I appreciate what I can
I survive, and I win
I win everyday now

It may sound laughable, but I don’t care
I’m alive, maybe not ecstatic
One day I will be

One day, everything comes one day
One day I will no longer think of you four
One day I will no longer see the monster
One day I will make peace with my illnesses
One day only comes if I live each day

Each gain is a loss each loss is a gain
And that is the duality of loss

The World’s Longest Joke

The world’s longest jokes is hosted on a website on the internet
Website named
Also named the funniest joke in the world
Whether that is true or not is subjective

It sits at 10,784 words
55,996 characters
The punchline unsatisfying
The joke, unoriginal
Simply extended into oblivion in which it adds nothing but suspension
In something stupid and eye rolling, which could be considered funny
The build up executed well, sometimes forgetting
That at the end
There was a joke

This is not the longest joke in the world
This does not come close
The longest joke in the world I have lived through
Days of work and effort
Into something unsatisfying
Through your laughable executions
Of which I worked through
Crawling through the desert
All in the name of mocking comedy
The art of irony

The longest joke in the world was you, and your continued existence
Unfunny and yet in the end, the punchline comes
And laughter ensues

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