Aline Huang

Vines on the Wall by Avalon Anderson

When You First Sprouted

When you first sprouted
Into the desolate garden of my soul,
I perceived my withered patch would soon become rich and abundant

When you first unveiled
And your precious petals extended towards the sky,
I recognized I would quickly become reliant on you

I saw your entirety
I saw your merciless thorns, who cautioned me you were destructive
But I was too blinded
I was tempted by your petals,
Who pleaded me to protect you
Who drove me to madness, shame, sympathy, and back

So I learned to love your thorns
Though they caused my anguish
Because I believed my shedding of tears on your soil would bring you longevity
And allow you to live a thousand years

Now I am liberated from my blindness
I realize I offered you the universe
I sacrificed my tranquility
But you thieved and you stole
Leaving nothing in return
Though I hand you my pardon
I will eternally lament the moment
When you first sprouted

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