Table of Contents Volume X-Spring

Caterpillar by Avalon Anderson

Letter from the Editor

Victoria Waddle, Managing Editor

Editors-in-Chief Interviews

Kiyani Carter

Stephanie Martinez-Beltran

Teen Editors


Annaliese Arnsten: In Protest; Independence; and Colored Chairs

Megan Brewer: Ode to My Boobs

Sydney Burr: Away

Mira Chiruvolu: Forgotten Whispers and A Moment

Soo Yeon Chun: I Once Caught a Man with a Net

Avery Garcia: Dysphoria (of a Gender Fluid)

Mimi Hopper: Kerouac

Aline Huang: When You First Sprouted

Dylan Hypes: Onset of Autumn

Seren Kalila: grief-dead

Stephanie Martinez-Beltran: An Eternal Sun

Sophie Mateja: for artemis; art class; and chinatown

Alexandra Naparstek: What Came After and When Water Becomes Still

Luke Park: Mariana Trench Jury and Moon

Tobi-Hope Jieun Park: the way we fold; Type II; and Four

Graciela Perez: Autumn Dance; Red Rose; and Different View

Maihan Phan: To Autumn and Because I Could Not Stop for Death

Demiana Saleeb: Look Within

Evan-Gabriel Simon: The N-Word

Holly Zijderveld: the girl i want to be

Editors’ Choice Winner for Poetry

Lauren Kawecki: Persephone; Hades; and Dichotomy of Light

La Virgen de Guadalupe by Kimberly Saucedo-Montoya


Kiyani Carter: Crestfallen

Kimber Draughon: The Odd Folk

Ariana Duckett: The Memorial

Katie Flack: With a Sidelong Glance

Natalie Fuentes: Dreamers

Charity Griffin: Bokeh

Taylen Huang: Broken

Maihan Phan: The Same Souls Find Each Other

Kahlei Sanders: The Heron and the Mongoose

Eric Song: The Lord of the Flies: The Final Chapter

Juan Tostado-Escobedo: The Death of a Father

Editors’ Choice Winner for Fiction

Max Endieveri: Leda and the Swan

Creative Nonfiction/Book Reviews

Alexa Bocek: Made to Lose

Avery Garcia: What It Means to Be Gender Fluid

Adelina Rose Gowans: Ghost Town

Blake Nash: Thoughts on The Lord of the Flies

Tobi-Hope Jieun Park: Reincarnation and Everything After

Editors’ Choice Winner for Nonfiction

Sydney Burr: This Political Op-Ed is Not About Trump


Avalon Anderson: Light: Caterpillar: Vines on the Wall: Door; and Tree

Marco Chavarria: Interior Scenery

Adele Rishton: Daze

Kimberly Saucedo-Montoya: Corazón de Flores; La Virgen de Guadalupe; Peonías de Infancia; Colibrí Libre; and Pájaro de Tempestad

Editors’ Choice Winner for Images

Shaina Boal: Submerged; Medusa; Serenity Facing the Storm; Young Johnny Depp; and Sea Turtle

Contributor Bios

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