Eric Song

Lord of the Flies: The Final Chapter

(A reimagining)

The group of savages marched on, with spears in their hands. Jack led the charge, his eyes bloodshot with rage, as he was fully set on the intent to murder. Ralph realizing the obvious, knew his life was ebbing. He began to run faster, as his life flashed before his eyes. Ralph had almost broken through the smoke-filled forest, as he could see the bright sunlight seeping through. He sprinted until he came across two pathways. Having no time to think, Ralph rushed left hoping it was the way out: it was not. Ralph had stumbled onto a dead-end.

“He’s cornered,” screamed Jack. Ralph realizing, he had nowhere to go, surrendered and put his hands up, defeated. “Trapped like a pig, huh? This is what happens when you question my leadership, Ralph! Take him to Castle Rock. I have a special plan for our friend Ralph here,” said Jack with a vicious smirk on his face. The savages ran towards Ralph like a pack of wolves, grabbing him firmly by his arms and violently dragging him towards the large cave.

As they approached the cave, Ralph stared at where Piggy had been murdered. He grieved for his good friend, and a deep sadness came over him. This was only momentary as Ralph thought of what Jack might do to him. He entered Castle Rock being dragged forcefully across the ground by the boys. It was a cold and dark place with a savage quality to it. The walls were streaked with blood, and rows of pig heads had been lined up. The smell was so dreadful that Ralph almost puked. Ralph was dragged up on the cold stone floor of Castle Rock. The boys tied his feet and hands.

“Jack! Let me go, you murderer!” barked Ralph. Jack walked away from Ralph seemingly unfazed by his yelling. He turned to the pack of boys and began giving orders which were inaudible to Ralph.

After a while, Jack turned back with a serpent-like smile. “Troops prepare our big friend Ralph here for his ceremony at once!” he ordered. The boys lifted Ralph like a rag doll and hurled him onto the forest ground where they had set up a pile of branches and leaves encircled with pig’s blood. He dropped to the ground with a deafening thud. 

It was turning dark, and Ralph had almost fallen asleep until he heard a rustling noise coming from the bushes. This is it, Ralph thought. He had almost lost all hope until he saw that the figure was Sam. Sam hurried toward Ralph and quickly cut his ropes and helped him up. Sam led the way to a hideout he had found. The air was humid, and Ralph could smell the strong stench of smoke. “Sam it’s so good to see you, but how did you get here?” questioned Ralph. 

“I managed to run away when all the boys went to look for you,” Sam said with his voice trembling and tears in his eyes.

“Where’s your brother?” asked Ralph, immediately regretting his decision.

“They … murdered him, Ralph, I-I couldn’t save him …”

Ralph felt his rage rise inside of him as if a beast had consumed his soul.

“Ralph, I hear them coming, let’s run,” whispered Sam. They ran out of the hideout. Ralph began to sprint with fear gnawing at his soul.

As the sun began to rise, Ralph collapsed onto the ground. He was exhausted from running. Sam fell down next to him. Ralph awoke to the petrifying noise of Jack’s savage chant. Sam awoke next to him wide-eyed with fear.

“Go, Ralph,” whispered Sam. “I’ll handle this.”

“No Sam don’t do this. We can handle this together,” said Ralph.

“No Ralph … I must avenge Eric.” Sam charged toward the sound, with a knife in his hand, screaming as if a beast had possessed him. Ralph with tears in his eyes sprinted away from the commotion.

 After a couple of hours, Ralph hurried back. He knew what the outcome of Sam’s endeavors were, but still had a faint sense of hope. He was met with the sight of Sam’s lifeless corpse, encircled in a pool of dried blood. Ralph closed Sam’s blank eyes and buried him with some dead leaf litter. After saying his goodbyes to Sam, Ralph was no longer fearful. He had grown cold and had only one goal in mind. He pulled the knife out from Sam’s hand and began to walk back to face his foe.

On his arrival at Castle Rock, Ralph remained calm. His gaze was fixed only on revenge and nothing else. He rushed into the entrance and locked in on his enemy. “Jack you monster!” he screamed.

Ralph charged with his dagger clutched in his hand. He was almost there until he was tackled by Roger. His knife fell out of his hand. As Ralph stood up, he was met with a flurry of punches from big Roger. Bruised and battered, he was forced on his knees in front of Jack.

“I was going to catch you and kill you like a little pig, but you made my job so much easier, Ralph,” exclaimed Jack.

Ralph, physically and mentally drained was about to accept his fate until suddenly, he felt a final resurgence of strength in his body. Ralph kicked away from Roger and ran as he had never before. “Catch him!” yelled Jack. 

Ralph made his way to the highest point of Castle Rock. He peered over the edge and stared at the deep blue ocean. He edged near the end, having no hope of rescue or survival. Ralph closed his eyes and a single tear slowly made its way along his face. He took a deep breath and flung himself down into the deep darkness.

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