Sydney Burr

Pájaro de Tempestad by Kimberly Saucedo-Montoya


Sometimes I look out on a moonlit night
And as I stare at the distant hills, my spirit takes flight
I want to run through those hills, never look back
Feel the grass and dirt under my feet, no shoes, no track

No destination except away, far away
Whether a place where the palm trees sway
A place piled high with mountain snow
Or a place where hot, parching desert winds blow

Just away, away, where those free spirits go
Who long to stray without a path
Who disregard all of society’s wrath
At their long-term residence in strange locales
And their lack of concern for party fouls—

Miles off from the broken highway
Nowhere left to go but away, away

It makes no difference which strange lands I roam
Just so long as they’re strange and new, they’ll be my new home
Away, away
Until the sun brings an end to my fantasies and the start of yet another day

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