Luke Park

Mariana Trench Jury

Baggage of air, I carry
Cry tears of interrogation
Try to breathe, I dare you. Furor of the southern west king

Exclamation Mark!
When the dam of yuletide collapsed A stream of consciousness followed The child, of the
poor, poor, child Drowned in her own misbelief

How to boil an egg
Place your eggs in a pot
Cover the eggs with water
Ensuring that at least an inch of water has covered each egg
Boil for eight to ten minutes
Serve the shells to the ethereal corpse
Consume without abandon
The eggs go blue, wait till midday

Rise and shine, idiot

Cool crayon of distinct tint
A butterfly steals your cadillac
On further notice, corruption of the quetzalcoatlus

Orange, Asmodeus
Electricity flows through his brain Breathe, Breathe!
I told you to breathe, yet you complied

A lonely soul drifts into a freight train As Saturn devours his son

Horace, taste the pain of gluttony Spaghetti for the damned

A lock was stolen in the process

Goodbye, Mariana Trench Jury. 


What a strange feeling this is
To stand upon the star stained hovels
Holding a dish, empty
Save for the reflection of a pale sphere

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