Graciela Perez

Autumn Dance

Oh how the leaves twist and they fall
The bright colors that are beloved by all
Every flip and turn according to plan
The wind came and the dance began

Lovely, perfect, and makes my heart soar
Warmness and kindness, hardly a bore
Fragile crispness causing concern
Delicate yet bold, a spark yet to burn

I wonder if this fall dance will last
Well into autumn, and even then past
That they would dance high in the sky
I would still watch and perhaps even cry

Emotions fly as high as a leaf
Admiration and wonder, beyond my belief
I have faith in the leaves and how they will dance
It is still however dependent on chance

The Red Rose

Many times I have imagined a meadow
Soft and calm, flowers of yellow
Years and years of yellow thrives
Until a new year when a new flower arrives

A delicate red one near the buttercups
Swaying in time with the tulips
“When did this happen?”, you might want to know
It was the whispering wind after thawed snow

The snow was harsh but promised good things
For the meadow of flowers and birds on the wing
A dainty red rose, the most adored in my eyes
I was overjoyed and taken by surprise

Yellow and red harmonious as one
Never jealous and always bright as the sun
The birds however have already gone
With the promise of snow and a new dawn

The yellow birds live in my memory
And there they shall forever be
Unlike the flowers who came long ago
Unlike the red rose residing in the meadow

Different View

The sky is red, oh yes it’s true
Just like the sea, red not blue

And they will say “What do you mean?”

And I respond That’s what I’ve seen
They don’t believe and instead they argue

“You are mad. You haven’t any clue.
How do you know what you see?”

I see like you, only I am free

“Free from what?” they ask and ask

I’m free from thinking in the past

“Why do you say such silly lies?”

I speak the truth, I see with honest eyes

“Do I not see with my own eyes?”

Yes, you do but everyone cries
They cry of joy and cry of pain
Distorting reality, time and again

“Do you not feel these feelings too?”

No I do not, I see only what is true

“Tell me then, what color is your heart?”

It too is red, it cannot break apart

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