Stephanie Martinez-Beltran

An Eternal Sun

The crystalline Stars always shone the same:
Fluorescent embers of toxic pungent fluids that struck like crystallite blades into the susceptible flesh of nature.
They glimmered beneath their independently supercilious glows,
Refraining the passage of any notion of compassion or remorse to invade their shallow consciences,
The inferno of judgment would never possess the gentility to thaw their glacial hearts:
The glacial heart of the damned,
  The frivolous jealousy of the fool,
        The licentious laughter of the insane,
       The dissecting scrutiny of the cynic:
They were never content!
Their sins expanding within the broad horizons of an intoxicating wildfire of envy.

The alluringly tenebrous Heavens never shattered their illusionary encapsulated perfection.
A Paradise rendered prisoner by a ventriloquist Moon,
That patiently awaited the virulent lull of the crepuscular tides.
A feeble marionette that never failed to orchestrate:
A tempest of tumultuous winds,
A deluge of delirious rains,        
       A pandemonium of pagan darkness,
A rippling tide of plaguing nausea against the passive seas of midnight rye.
A massless cavernous mouth that engulfed the buoyant breath out of all existence…

There she was.
The final vessel exhaling the breath of Life.
A single luminously naïve Sunflower,
Oscillating within the delicate embrace of a seaweed solitary hill,
As her piercing petals poignantly aimed in resistance towards the malignant skies.
Her slender petals shielding fragile seeds within the nurturing desert of her amber crown.
Her beauty was profound, eccentric, perennial—ethereal.

The beautiful tenderness of Motherhood.
The beautiful stability of Safety.                 
The beautiful empathy of Compassion.    
The beautiful resilience of Sacrifice.         

The unavailing feud encircling the Northern and Southern winds swirled turbulently
in dancing opposition,
As their decaying aromas of putrescent Oranges and Cherries wrenched the innocent seeds from her
gentle arms.
Vulnerably raining upon the objurgating barren fields of a caliginous today and a promising tomorrow.

The promise of a picturesque tomorrow.
The promise of a prosperous tomorrow.  
The promise of an animated tomorrow.  
The promise of a cure.

Her pallid stem languished in agonizingly contortions,
Attracting contortions that elicit a quivering gasp,
As her inaudible pleas for clemency drowned in the roaring hurricane.
The hurricane that mercilessly slammed into her spine,
A spine that gave a crestfallen *snap* drenched in overflowing bewilderment,
As her splintering remains sharply bowed into a silent rhythmic surrender,
Terminating the everlasting waltz of yesterdays.
The halting breath of tomorrow,
Emanated in a resigned sigh,
As the flaccid drooping stem gingerly retracted
beneath the curve of a shelling embrace:
The embrace of her selfless roots.
Roots that embraced her flame,
Roots that were her solace.
The embrace of the sun,
Of an internal sun.
An Eternal Sun.

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