Sophie Mateja

Light by Avalon Anderson

for artemis

so here’s the thing
                    my friend
the world cries & someone
must play the role of bastard
illegitimately renegade, yet tied
and anchored, all steel and weight
sinking slowly
i’m sure you don’t recognize this
this miracle that is you & the world
despite furious storms of flame and the undulating                          waves
we’re stuck on this damn boat
trying to preserve the sail
thank god for sailors
i feel the boards below me cold and              damp
for i am tied; coarse ropes twisted under rivets of scars
          blossoming rivers of red
burns and battles fought far from shore
above the ship turns and i peer
through slits in the hull
humming some melody i forgot yesterday
helpless against sail & wind & sea
watching against the tilt & splash
demure walls;
        ashen sunbursts
their rough swirls of mind
scuffed winter mud
                           the edge
of my seeping, crusted veins
snipped, collaged
a personal oblivion—
those webs of stolen arteries
        torn roadmaps
forgotten tomorrow

art class

        you greet me
pressing sweet nothings
into my morning gold
       Dawn watches &
where Night has gone
        freckles & smiles & creases
sketched slowly in her stars
in my arms
       all cuffed and pretty
beautiful, trouble causing things
       sunsets past midnight &
the moon,
        looking through our kaleidoscope
a plethora of shattered stars
        shards of words against
her dimpled cheeks
crushed purple velvet & our stretched
of forgotten landscapes
        dreamt by picasso & monet
flares of whiskey
        caught and swirled
a blur of gradients
                  plunged quickly
shot glasses of curtains
        shielding and spilling blue, periwinkle eyes
lifting slowly
a ship in the sky
        soaking half-used lotion- in droplets
quarter profiles and small smiles,
deep throws of seas
        waves, crested in forgotten words
crinkled papers & phrases & smudged scars
blankets of unknown
carpeting someone else’s mind
mine, wondering
       the opposite

china town

she smiles above
        can you see it?
i miss these corners of the world
        whispered echoes i forgot to pen
beds, sheet
violent blooms of twilight on
               scrawled papers
ugly remnants & dreams hung from willows
swaying somewhere past the bitter fog
       lime juice & churros & tostadas
flung from golden gate food trucks
        rust & emerging decay
screeching along the blade of your ocean
my steps
          lost amongst the happenings

children of the wind
       kites tangled in redwood bows
tails ripped & sliced & past reach
my jumps and strides falling
        to blood and mud
edges of sunlight
scattering pottery, blades
       her mid-afternoon twilights
climbing wild-roses
        wreathing my eyes
two gaping, ethereal windows
peeking from octavia’s chateau
        striped swimsuits against the mowed lawn
clouds oblivious to the merciful moon
      negotiations with dawn 

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