Demiana Saleeb

Colibrí Libre by Kimberly Saucedo-Montoya

Look Within

All the displeasures of the world, let your fantasies unfurl.
The darkest dreams of your mind, let it all come, unwind.
In the home where you reside,
I am here by your side.

Look within

I will take you there, darling
In broad crescent wings, falling.
Hear the angel calling.

Unrequited, though it seems,
Did you not sense the strangest thing?
A bond without one’s contract,
Something built inevitably to last?

The beating of the soul,
Making another your own.
Soft aching surreal, but implored evermore.

Look within

The crimson red in its wake,
shattered remains in this lake
Skim the shards of the sea,
things we never thought could be.

Look within

Mindless venture in vacancy,
The mouth could never speak such things,
sincere silence at the least.
Whispers to the sky above,
Confessions of what would come undone.

Look within

Platonic sensation,
Sweetly caressing manifestation.
Wishful unfulfillment hits at last,
Yet this purpose was never cast.

Look within passion, look within burning
Evidently, anything but lustful yearning.
Look within phrase, look within repressed,
Where the eloquent cannot ever be expressed.

Look within souls, look within the heart,
There lies the truth, barren from the start.

In this trove of whispers,
Trust prevails,
This being will never falter,
Forged and declared upon an unseen alter.

Within the ticking time,
Our cherished foundation we find.
Embedded moments will mold,
No mortal vessel can ever withhold.

Look within

Life intertwining on a string,
Who could be responsible for such things?
To cater for one more than own,
To my beloved, unknown.
Hold me again once more,
Beyond all reality we soar.
Past hopes and dreams of beginning,
Altering what was thought to be living.

Making sense of all that matters,
Life will become an unexpected pattern.
Look within, the heart knowing.
Love is never foreign,
Perhaps masked, though always ever growing,

Look within

May the mask drop,
Calm and relief sought.
Though the world betrays you so,
Know I love you beyond all that loathes.

Look within

Dearest companion of no end,
Our ties to never sever nor bend.
Inspiring what I know,
Seeing myself in your soul.

Look within

Dearest authentic beauty,
Blessed, I am truly.
Take all that I can give,
Let bitterness forgive.
With all the words that conspire,
Your smile is what I aspire.

Look within

There, love will always live.

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