Britney Obasi

The Best Explanation

I never speak from my mouth but from my heart.
Love overflown in the chalice, it’s my best part
But drought-stricken,
I could only find the blood boiling over the brews of my chest.
Was this really the best?
Who’s the better man, the tarnished or the torn?
If you’re gonna wear me like tarnished sleeves,
for me to be adorned,
I am going to be the 7th girl you have scorned.
But singleness looks stronger,
passing love like playing cards is what the future looks like in our Brave New
the better man forgives and forgets.
But if I am going to forgive you, I am going to have to forgive the pain I plunged
  myself into.
Because I’ll never forget what you did to me.
And I’ll never be that better man.
Because I am a woman.
I’ll face better brave than to hide my emotions like you and your men.
Let them bury me in their criticism.
If I can be buried amongst my favorite flowers, I would lie and say they are roses.
Because when they lower me down into loneliness, they would think she did better,
beautifully. Despite being enclosed in thorns.

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