Castiel Crews

Ghost Boy

Translucent half
Mouth is sewn shut
Eyes tired, lost
Blank-faced strangers walk through – can’t they see him – to the brighter half
Blazing pink, she draws them into her

Visible half
Sick to her bones she hates the spotlight
Dresses are a bore
Makeup has lost its lust
Heels are broken up to the soul
Yet she smiles

He smiles
A young boy sits quietly
For his turn in the spotlight
To hear the tiny letters that form “he
Translucent boy fading into the shadows of a feminine girl’s body
Waits for the chest to roll flat
The Converse to be wedged on
Sleeves to be rolled up
A husky voice to emerge
A ghost boy until that day
A ghost boy until the pink side can bring him into the light
A ghost boy invisible inside the world of girl

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