Robert Louis Covington

the mountain

epic mountain, holy artistry
divine bounty and epiphany

calming beauty and mystery
circling valleys with majesty

stoutly standing, enfolding
exquisite, stately, enduring

a lovely view to bespeak
snow beds on rangy peaks

steeply still, raising spirits
beckoning to holy summits

from eons ago till this day
wanting ones ascend to pray

vital to a world that spins
unbowed by battering winds

alpine, green, hues of gold
dazzling spectacle, ages old

Robert Louis Covington’s professional career was as a writer and manager for the United States Treasury Department in Washington, D.C. After 36 years of government service, including four years with the United States Airforce, he now resides in Fontana, California. As an Active Member of the Inland Empire California Writers Club, he writes poetry and other articles for the club’s monthly magazine and for other publications.

Tristan Douglas

Lockworx Alleyway

Tending Jack in the Box Stains on my button up
Flippedback cap skateboards by
Hauling twisty bag of recyclables

Crater ash tray to my left
Water heater embassy
The MostIEst

La Pizza Loca
Tire shop on the other side
Fence fairytale bushes
Low pale audience of grass
Perfect breeze
Peaceful familiarity in the city’s ribcage


Be joyous and love others

 Herb is the lubricant
 The green currency
 It’s oil we seek its vapors
 You know it’s California because of how multicultural the English department is

    Will we power our cars with hemp oil one day?

    It would make all cars drive 58 to 65 miles an hour, in the middle and right lanes. Bumpin’ some Marvin Gaye.
  I’ve done a gang of shrooms in my day and my friends and I usually would just sit around campfires and bump the Beatles in grassy patches in the mountains and such
   It had to be Kerouac to talk to David and I
Perhaps you’ve earned the privilege of being the only Christopher around

What if I went on an adventure with the family of kitties that lives next to my parking spot


Tristan Acker is in the M.F.A. poetry program in his hometown at Cal State San Bernardino. He is trying to interpret and share the middle-class ethnic values and nascent counter-culture that he observes so much of in his life here in the Inland Empire. You can listen to Tristan’s poetry and hip-hop collective the West Coast Avengers at