Darren Mouk


Slowly, over the last couple of months,
Or, If I’m being honest, over the last couple of years,
I’ve noticed my life turning into sort of a cycle
And, no, not the type of cycle when you’re watching Netflix and you get up, go to your
and come back in 15 seconds, all done in the snap of a finger.
It’s more like I wake up, go through my day and come back in 15 hours, also done in
   the snap of a finger.
Snap, snap, snap
No matter how prismatic the lens are, the photograph is always concomitant in white
 and black.
Black and white spots reconstruct my vision like an eye surgeon so that I can only see
You see, life is like a carousel, as it spins
You can always apply new paint
But in the end, the one-trick pony is always the same.
The daily routine is like a broken Television,
With its scattered fragments and mundane static.
I can’t stand it!
But alas, as the world continues to revolve around the sun,
I’ll live out my days, one by one.

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