Deka A. Bade

Where am I From

I am from the river that runs from kismayo to barawa
I am from the woman who fought for our rights
from the men who fought for our lives
I am from somalia from the bombs dropping on our homes
From a land which was once a beautiful place to be
From the tears of our families when we lose our children
I am from gothic serpent a battle in mogadishu in the year of 1993
From the blood shed by our fathers, brothers, and sons
From the womb of one of the bravest women I know
I am from a religion that stands for peace
I am from the hijab that lays blissfully on my head
From the hate on the tip of Trump’s tongue
I am from a place where they hear ALLAHU AKBAR (shout) before every gun shot
I am from a place where they never forget to tell me to go back to wherever the F*** I came from

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