Edill Ali

Empty Dreams

I am from the blanks minds
And the dark souls of the sky,
Reaching and grabbing any little hope I had left.
From the restless nights and days,
Weeks and months,
Only to no avail.
I am from the empty dreams and sorrow thoughts,
Wandering inside and outside my head,
wishing my dreams were an escape from reality.
I am from an area of dark roses,
Coming out of the soil and into my arms,
Greeting me once again.
Just like I, the roses are lost in the crowd,
Waiting to be noticed by someone,
Where the scary and saddening ways of life,
Had twisted my fictional outlooks of life,
Bruised and abused my innermost thoughts I had once looked at
As a fantasy.
But again and again,
Time after time,
Here I still am, in this sick and twisted fate.

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