Editors Teen Issue Spring 2019

Off White by Leah Urrutia

Cati Porter, Founding Editor

Victoria Waddle, Managing Editor

Victoria has been published in literary journals, anthologies, nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and included in Best Short Stories from The Saturday Evening Post Great American Fiction Contest. She reviews books for teens at SchoolLibraryLady.com and contributes articles to Inlandia and Southern California News Group’s syndicated “Literary Journeys,” which celebrates writers and their work. She tweets at @VictoriaWaddle1 and blogs about writers and writing at VictoriaWaddle.com.

Kelly Apen

Kelly is a high school student from Beaumont hoping to help people out by editing their work. She’s an avid reader and writer. She thoroughly enjoys helping out in her community by volunteering and has also done an internship with a politician.

Chandler Calvallo

Chandler is an avid reader and has written multiple stories on many different topics. He enjoys seeing what other young writers are creating and being able to see great writing be recognized.

Kiyani Carter

Kiyani Carter is a young, avid writer and reader living in the Inland Empire since late 2016. She has moved a lot throughout her childhood, generally to and from Colorado and France before finally settling in California. Throughout her life, writing and reading has always been her strong suit, and she often took honors English classes as well as wrote her own stories in her free time. She had the pleasure of participating in 2018’s Teen Guest Editing opportunity as well as getting her own work, “Counting People” published in the journal.

Zainab Khan

Zainab, a high school student and a poetry enthusiast from New Delhi, India, has found poetry to be a soft essence in the worldly life. A few publications here and there as in The Times of India and Teen Ink have sharpened her motivation to slowly take over the poetry empire. Besides believing that impossibility is just an excuse for the undetermined, she can fall for anything from gatherings to the starry eyes of dreamers. Nothing can put out her fiery curiosity to travel the entire globe. She wouldn’t mind making world tour maps with similar enthusiasts, even if it goes to trash later.

Stephanie Martinez-Beltran

Stephanie is a senior (17-year-old) student attending Chaffey High school. She will be pursuing a major in microbiology and a minor in creative writing or English Literature at the University of California, Riverside. She enjoys reading YA novels, fantasy, and other genres. She loves writing poetry and prose, listening to punk rock music, spending time with her pets, and eating sushi. She also enjoys writing about controversial topics, human rights, mental illness (and how to provide the best support to those in need of it), and gender/identity equality. She tries her best to communicate through creative writing and to encourage others to express themselves in the safe space that blank sheets of paper provide.

Uma Menon

Uma is a fifteen-year-old high school student and writer from Florida. Her poetry has been published in several prestigious national publications such as Ms. Magazine, IRIS Magazine (U.Va), and Dark River Review and is forthcoming in K’in Literary Journal, 805 Literary, and The Rumpus. She published a poetry chapbook with Zoetic Press (January 2019) and served as an editor for Polyphony HS Lit. She is extremely passionate about poetry and sharing this craft with the world. Teens are often underrepresented in the literary community, so she appreciates this opportunity.

Marvin Ogbunezu

Marvin is sixteen and a junior at Chesapeake High School in Essex, Maryland. They enjoy classical poetry, painting, and historical costuming and are currently in the Engineering Magnet program. Poetry has been an outlet through which they have been able to express their gender fluid identity, sexuality, and culture. Poetry is an art that has narrated the human experience in its full truth. They are an editor for their school’s literary magazine, The Peake.

Zoe Price

Zoe Price is a high school sophomore at Sonoma Academy in Santa Rosa, California with an interest in journalism, creative nonfiction, and authentic narrative. Along with participating in journalism programs offered by her school, Zoe writes for her school’s newspaper.

Mike Sims

Mike is just a little freshman teen in college struggling to learn the ways of adulting. Getting there. His dad is a high ranking officer in the coast guard, so he’s basically what you’d call a base kid. Making friends was always tough, since he never stayed long, but hey, get what you can take right? Anyway, his poems deal with dark and depressing aspects of life, much was inspired by his own personal life. Hope you all enjoy!

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