Jordan Rodriguez

Super Bloomers, Lake Elsinore by Victoria Waddle

California Super Bloom 2019

In chaparral hills the red clay earth is dry,
But heavy rains soak deep the dormant soil.
Abundant poppies bloom down low and high,
When vibrant fields of orange show nature’s toil.
And in these fields beneath the citrus sun,
Where freeways wind and bifurcate the land,
Are tourists coming to this floral fun;
Their cars are packed and eager with demand.
To hike, to climb these paths and stony haunts,
To smell these blossoms now a rarity,
To tramp and stomp, to take these sunny jaunts,
With selfie sticks for their posterity.
Lo! the flowers cry, don’t do it for the Gram,
Let’s hurry on and end this traffic jam.

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